New Mexico Open Primaries Platform



To encourage more voter participation and greater collaboration among elected officials by ensuring that all eligible citizens can substantially exercise their right to vote in every public election. 




1)       To ensure that citizens are not required to join a party to vote in any public election.
2)       To champion non-partisan state-run primaries where the top two vote getters move to the general election.
3)       To advocate for adoption of a non-partisan redistricting commission to end the practice of incumbent politicians getting to decide who can vote for them.
4)       To ensure that independent voters and candidates have equal ballot access.
5)       To ensure free and open state-run elections since this is a fundamental obligation of the state and not the domain of a private club such as a political party.
6)        To start an advocacy campaign directed at elected officials and other interest groups to endorse the NMOP platform.
7)        To find sponsors to introduce a constitutional amendment in the 2016 legislative session to affirm that all voters shall be able to vote in all public elections. 

New Mexico Open Primaries is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization: promoting the common good and general welfare of the people of New Mexico.