Links & Further Reading

Associated Groups:

The Open primaries website and Facebook page. 

National Conference Call: Links to Salit’s bi-monthly conference call can be found on the activist center of IndependentVoting.

The website and Facebook pages. 


Further Reading and Videos:

A Piece in the Corrales Comment about the Movement

Albuquerque Journal OP ED Here

Open Primaries Chart: This will give you a sense of the lay of the land in each state. 

Greensboro News Observer: Declaration of Independents, opinion piece authored by North Carolina Independents founders’ Dr. Omar Ali and Donna Moser

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Independent Voters Urge Reforms to Limit Partisan Political Power 

Ohio TV:Between The Lines: Independents Launch Group

Salit’s book Independent’s Rising.

John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries’article, “Top Two is Working for Voters.”

Steve Peace, Independent Voter Project’s article, “California’s NonPartisan Primary Exceeds Expectations.

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s NY Times piece: End Partisan Primaries, Save America.

Salit and Paul Johnson’s op ed on Oregon’s Ballot Measure 90.

USC Schwarzenegger Institute Government leadership conference  video which focused on political gridlock and open primaries.

Rep. John Delaney’s Washington Post article in which he announces the Open Our Democracy Act.  (Note:  Delaney will be reintroducing this bill.  You might want to give some thought to building a campaign in New Mexico to get delegates to support the Act as a way of getting something going there.)

“Republic Lost” by Lawrence Lessig

“The Parties Versus the People” by Mickey Edwards